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Album art for latest EP; In Hindsight.

Album art for latest EP; In Hindsight.

Current Band Logo

Current Band Logo

Full Band pic in Alexandria, VA

Full Band pic in Alexandria, VA

Taken during Int'l Supernova SkaFest 2017 - Photo Credit to Fake Famous Photography.

Taken during Int'l Supernova SkaFest 2017 - Photo Credit to Fake Famous Photography.

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In Hindsight EP - 2017

Dude...Don't Make it Weird - 2016

Won't Forget the Sound - 2013

We Don't Care EP - 2012


Currently two full length Albums and two EP's available.

  • "Thirteen Towers dishes out what you would expect from a ska punk band; hard hitting guitars mixed with the third-wave guitar riffs. Punchy horns are found at every turn." (

Played at the NYC Punk Island Festival - Summers of 2015 and 2016

Opened Stage #2 at the International Supernova SkaFest - Summer 2017

Hosted the "Hells Bottom" Ska and Punk Fest in Takoma Park, MD - Summers 2015 and 2017

  • "Saturday’s [07/11/15] show was a great time. Kept the momentum going from our first show and it was great seeing people we’ve never met dance to our tunes! Even saw one dude singing along, which is one of the coolest experiences a band can have!” says Backyard Superheroes who drove from New Jersey to perform for Takoma Park fans." ( 


Formed in 2007 in Fairfax, VA

Have played numerous gigs all across Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York. 

Written, recorded, produced, and released two full length albums, and two EP's. Available across most music outlets (GooglePlay, Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

Latest release - "In Hindsight" EP in 2017.

Eight Members - Vocal, Back-Up Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and three Horns.

Blend of Punk, Ska, and Rock sound.

Successfully completed four tours crossing multiple state lines.

Opened for National acts such as: George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Big D and the Kids Table, The Slackers,
The Toasters, and Mephiskapheles. 

Shared the stage with acts from all over the country including: The Holophonics, Kill Lincoln, Be Like Max, Stacked Like Pancakes,
The A-OK's, Backyard Superheroes, Behind Deadlines, MSH, Interstate Rivals, Insubordination, The Cavalry is Us, May Weather, The Nova-Tones, The Split Seconds, Six-Foot Machine, 90 Proof Therapist, The Captivators, Free Lobster Buffet, Party Like It's..., Chilled Monkey Brains, Brainbuster, Forrest Fire, Hopeless Otis, The Bro-Mantics, and many more over the years.


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