Shiny and New!

Welcome all to our new and updated website! We're excited to announce several awesome items in Thirteen Towers future!

First and foremost, TROMBONERS! We have a new Trombone player in our midst. Please welcome Mr. Darren Fazzino [Fa-zine-no] to our rag tag gaggle of "musicians."

Secondly; MUSIC! Yes, we have a new EP, In Hindsight, currently in the works and super stoked to be pumping that out this Spring 2017, check back for official release date. Special shoutout to Eric Taft of Buzzlounge Studio for helping us make that happen. Check out the process on the Photos tab.

And last but not least, LIVE MUSIC! Happy to announce that we have shows coming in March, April, and May with the Summer currently in the works. Shoot on over to the Shows tab for more information. Hope to see you all there.


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