Last weekend's Tour

As a band Thirteen Towers has never ventured out for more than 2 days at a time. Whether due to schedules not working out, bad luck, line up changes it just never panned out. Our latest tour consisted of 5 shows in 4 days. We were venturing into uncharted waters. We began with a local show in DC with BlueBeatDC , followed by stops in Baltimore, Philly, NYC, and Long Island NY. We saw a ton of old friends and made some new ones! We would like to thank The Wonderland Ballroom, Ottobar, Birdhouse , Punk Island, Katie's of Smithtown , Andi Leo, Jawnte Dantonio,CatJawn Weston, Joesph Steel, Lyz Red, Sean and the guys with Crisis Crayons , Skylar Stills , Zach Brooks and the guys of Behind Deadlines,MSH, Interstate Rivals , The Phonies , The Wondershop Showdown , The Brass Cadillacs, Insubordination, The Cavalry Is Us, Flak Jacket,Paperback Tragedy, The Fuss , The Upstarters, and of course The Toasters for an incredible mini run! Hopefully we can see everybody again soon!


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