Help kick the Two-Banana Habit!

We’ve put together some really great songs and we can’t wait to share them! This indiegogo campaign is going to help us bring those songs to life. But, we need your help! Mostly, we need you to help us get Edson off the bananas. Everyone needs a little potassium here and there but his banana habit is out of control. We need you to help us get back to the recording studio so we can get him focused on the music and not the bananas. 

The EP campaign goes live on Indiegogo on May 1 and will run for 45 days. We will be doing a livestream to celebrate the launch. Make sure you tune in! 

We hope you’re excited about some new Thirteen Towers music and take some time to check out the campaign. There are some great perks for backers including some limited edition merch and some fun opportunities involving cupcakes. But most of all you can help us cure Edson’s Two-Banana Habit. 

Want to learn more? Click the above link and make sure you check out the video that we’ll be posting on Indiegogo- it’s guaranteed to entertain and maybe even pull those heartstrings.

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